life insurance … How to save money

Economiser sur vos assurances

Life is expensive, while growing rapidly, and too often a life insurance policy is thought to divest to reduce monthly expenses. But this action could put your family situation in a precarious position event of a death of a family member or disability .

Life insurance is an intangible product , we can not see and touch , we often forget the benefits. All persons who used the insurance will tell you : ” Good thing I was assured . ” So before canceling a life insurance or disability take the time to ask questions and meet with your financial advisor to reassess your needs. It will help you find solutions such as:

 – Consolidate your debt on one independent insurance contract :

Too often , it is offering insurance on our home loan , another on the credit card, on loan from the first and the loan of the second car, on the line of credit on the loan RV ( bike, motorcycle, boat , trailer ) . All its insurance individually are very expensive . Together in one independent contract could save you big.

 – Use group insurance :

Your employer often provides the opportunity to buy insurance installments to increase your single or family coverage . The cost of a group life insurance is often much less than any other contract.

 – save the contract costs.

Each insurance contract includes administrative fees that can range between $ 60 and $ 125. By grouping members of the same family on a single contract , you reduce costs . Because the insurance company may reduce such fees ensure additional annual $ 25 . This has a big impact on the final bill.

 -Multicover enjoy discounts:

Some company offers discounts when combined have several covers for the same insured example: Jean permanent insurance of $ 50,000 add a temporary 25-year $ 250,000 . If in addition we group different make known the same contract would save you big.

These are just a few solutions to reduce your life insurance bill, but that can have a major impact on the annual bill . Meet with your financial advisor to put actions in places.

André Gagnon
Conseiller en sécurité financière
Représentant en épargne collective