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Retraité Heureux d'avoir revisé leur assurance vie

Spring rhymes with project

We are ready for any change whatsoever the car, home, baby, work, activity and even some for the spouse. So many important events that can lead to change our life insurance.

I agree with you, we do not like talking life insurance and especially the impression we pay for nothing, but that’s when the fateful event happens that one says “j ‘which would of, “but it is already too late. Even if one can believe this issue must reopen the deal has the opportunity in order to update it.

Let see life insurance as if they spoke of possible death, but rather protect the quality of life of our loved ones. Nobody wants our spouse or our children experience difficulties after our death. Life insurance: the insurance of a better life for our families. It has different events that may require a change in your contract, do not forget the insurance companies are seeking has catch you out or even you forget them and do not make any claim. Examples and do not hesitate to contact us if this is your situation.

Separation and divorce

No one would let her ex-husband a sum as large as the capital of the insurance even if the separation was done on good terms. Take the time to change your beneficiaries of your policy. Any change in your marital status requires a change immediately in your life insurance.

It does not necessarily make them rich, but to protect their quality of life, enabling them to maintain their standard of living. Perhaps also enable them to finance projects that you made together as finance children’s education.


If the family grows with the addition of a child, review your protection. Furthermore it is advantageous to take out an insurance as soon as is possible to take advantage of lower costs and protect their insurability. Sometimes it’s the other member of the family that gift offers such as grandparents or sponsor and navy.

A death

The calculation is quite simple, imagine your life as it is now, but with a salary less. Probably you would be unable to keep the same pace. Or even your business partner, will you be able to replace it without financially affect your business?

 Buying a new home

Rarely buys a smaller house than the former, then your insurance should follow your new mortgage. Some will say yes to retire after the children have left one can reduce the size of the house. Of course, and again it is important to meet there is no point paying for unnecessary protection. If you buy a house or a second home. Beware the death tax. The capital gain on this residence based on fair market value at death could forget your loved ones to get rid of because they can not pay the tax.

A renovation project

You increase the value of the residence by major renovation projects. Probably an additional loan on your mortgage is required. Be sure to protect this new debt.

A new job

A new job is reflected in a higher salary. Rarely my clients tell me I got a raise and I would like to place entirely in savings. Rhymes with highest salary level rise vie.Il not forget to protect the quality of life increase in the event of your death.

You start in business

Your partner and you have great responsibilities: to protect your families, but also a smooth transfer of ownership of your business after a death of a shareholder. A question set from the start of the company. A shareholder agreement and appropriate insurance simplify your business continuity.

A travel

Nothing more fun than going on a trip. But a trip is also a risk. Who has ever heard a story of an acquaintance fall ill abroad. When planning, also schedule a full insurance in case of accident or maladie.Et your life insurance policy is always up to date?

A sickness

A disease can seriously affect the financial security of a household. This is especially the case if your father or your mother, older, develop a long-term degenerative disease. If you die before them, your life insurance should provide for them too. The same, of course, if your spouse or children with special needs.

Back to school

An upgrade of your knowledge is required and you or your spouse must return to school, so he checks out of the labor market. Normally the other will ensure the financial security of the household during this period. This may require a review of all your protections.

A heritage

An inheritance, a gift falling from the sky, but it becomes a new asset. Know the ideal way to use and can be complex depending on the use that either debt reduction or other savings your insurance portfolio should be screwed.

Approaching retirement

Finally, your life insurance needs all throughout your life. Persons charged, debts, assets and projects change. And perhaps do you deal again defeated a care insurance long term or serious illness insurance that would better meet life insurance.

Statistics show that 40% of Canadians do not have a life insurance tailored to their needs.

It’s spring cleaning is done … Why not tighten our coverage?

Certain site allow you to compare all available insurers simply and quickly as or simply contact us we will do it.

André Gagnon
Conseiller en sécurité financière
Représentant en épargne collective