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Simply fill in the insurance quote online form above , clicking on the insurance category that fits your needs. As soon as we receive it , we will send your request to 21 different insurance companies to compare the prices offered . We have access to products of the most renowned insurers in the country – they hold 97 % of the insurance supply in Canada. Once your application is submitted to insurers and options obtained , we will contact an independent financial security advisor who will help you find the coverage that best suits you . This allows you to quickly obtain prices from several insurers with ease confidentially and without obligation on your part.

Advisors competent financial

security The team offers an innovative service in the field of insurance. With our proven methods and our skill, you’re guaranteed to find what you want, and more. Not only we have access to products of the most recognized and largest insurers in Canada, but again, our financial advisors know the field of insurance on the fingertips. They are aware of all the laws and all the regulations in the field, and will shop for you an advantageous insurance premium. Working closely with you, they will analyze your financial situation and your financial needs. Together you will agree an effective and efficient plan for the coming years. You will have the certainty that your insurance products will be a good investment, made in full knowledge of your situation and your financial ability.

Insurance: how to find it?

The life insurance market premium may seem complex at first. Indeed, insurers offer a variety of products with different characteristics, and it is difficult to find one that best suits their situation. Many consumers have difficulty to navigate and frustrating consider shopping for an insurance policy! So they will simply contract the first insurance policy they hear about, and even if it does not adequately meet their needs. Our financial advisors work full time in the field of life insurance, and therefore very familiar with the different products offered. They are also able to understand the market and its developments and thus give you sound advice in choosing an insurance policy. You will save time, money, in addition to spare you the frustration that can arise when trying to navigate a complex area. Complete our online insurance quote form and get access to products of 21 life insurance company in just minutes!