Critical Illness Insurance


Serious diseases such as cancer or a stroke (CVA) are the tragic events. The consequences caused by serious diseases in your life and those of your loved ones by such tragedies are already sufficient in itself. It would be highly desirable to avoid at least as serious diseases resulting financial problems by protecting yourself with a serious illness insurance.

To provide optimum protection against these serious diseases, your family and yourself, critical illness insurance is an informed choice. It allows you to focus on your recovery and avoid financial stress related health problems.

Benefits and Features

  • You receive a fixed amount in advance, during your lifetime, after the diagnosis of one of serious diseases or surgeries covered (up to 25 serious diseases we interventions according to the contract);
  • Several options can be added to your protection serious diseases, such as return of premium on maturity of the contract if no amount has been paid;
  • This amount is non-taxable and can be used as you see fit;
  • This serious illness insurance may be taken alone or combined with life insurance.

Interesting statistics *

  • 4 out of 10 people will be diagnosed with cancer during their life
  • 62% survive more than 5 years
  • 1 in 4 will suffer from heart disease
  • 95% survive a first heart attack
  • 1 in 20 will suffer a cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  • 80% survive a first stroke

It can be difficult to navigate among all the products available on the market of serious illness insurance. Entrust search of a font for your needs at one of our financial advisors. We will find you an efficient serious illness insurance at the best possible price!